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Broken Engagement

Ordinarily in Ireland a couple will get engaged before they actually get married. This period allows the couple the opportunity to escalate their relationship by announcing their intentions to family, friends and co-workers. It is a time of great excitement and attention but sometimes it can bring matters into focus in a manner that brings the relationship to an end. The resulting breakup can be especially difficult and emotional as the couple disentangle their financial, social and emotional lives that they had previously intended to share together.

The division of physical assets such a car, house, holiday can often come to represent a greater emotional significance and may as a result lead to litigation. The Family Law Act 1981 allows for legal action where there is a dispute over property or finances between a couple following a broken engagement or involving a third party. Questions often arise regarding the status of engagement rings, wedding gifts, benefits in kind and other forms of compensation. Responsibility for wedding expenses can also be contested.

At M.E.Hanahoe Solicitors we pride ourselves on advising our clients in a compassionate, non-judgmental and professional manner. We understand that it is essential to consider not only our client’s legal position, but the emotional and personal turmoil they are experiencing as a result of a breakup. If you or someone you know has recently had a broken engagement and would like further information or assistance please contact Marcus Hanahoe of this office.